4 Years!

4 Years!

As the 4 year anniversary of my starting this jewelry journey approaches, it has inspired me to post some of my early works. I started wire wrapping in 2013, I bought my first supplies on my birthday and started by just literally wrapping wire around the stones. I initially planned to do macrame jewelry, but realized I really didn't like doing macrame. When I started my jewelry brand was Angel Aura Creations, after what I at the time thought was one of the prettiest stones, Angel Aura Quartz. I re-branded my jewelry when I decided to start silver smithing. I wanted a name I could grow into, a name that I could offer more than just jewelry under if I wanted to, and something a bit more personal. That's how Autumn Jade Studio was born. 

Here are some pieces of jewelry from 2013-2015, I hope a few of the customers who own these pieces get to see this, thank you for giving me so much support, especially when I started.

Thank you so much to everyone who has encouraged, and supported me along this jewelry journey,


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