50 Custom Pieces in February Challenge

50 Custom Pieces in February Challenge

50 customs in 28 days? What are you talking about Siobhan?

If you've been paying attention to Autumn Jade Studio the past month, you will know that I set a challenge for myself. I set a challenge to get 50 custom orders in the month of February. 

I'd like to think I planned this out well, but at the end of the day I set this challenge for myself on a whim. I always lack inspiration after the holidays, but I knew I could physically make 50 pieces in 28 days no problem. That wasn't the challenge, the challenge was going to be selling the 50 custom pieces.

Custom jewelry requires a different kind of selling then regular pieces. The customer needs to trust you much more, especially if you are working with their stones. A lot of times the consultation about a custom piece takes me more time than making the piece. That's what I love about custom work, it's much more personal - there's more conversation, more connection.

By February 28th I was in awe. It was like the support had come out of the woodwork over the past month. What I realize now, is that the support has always been there, ready and waiting. All I needed to do was ask for it!

Over the past month I have loved working one on one with you to create unique pieces of jewelry that you will cherish and pass down throughout generations. I am thrilled to say that we reached a total of... drum roll please...

57 custom orders

That's right! With your help I not only reached my goal, but I surpassed it! Before we dive into the pretty pieces we made together I do want to say an enormous THANK YOU to each and every one of you who ordered, liked, commented and shared. Each like, comment and share got Autumn Jade Studio in front of people who were ready to purchase. I wouldn't have been able to hit this goal if it wasn't for the help of each and every one of you.

Now let's dive into a month of custom work!

I did forget a few pictures so if you have a photo of your custom piece you'd like to share please share it in the comments or send it to me directly.

First up, what seems to be everyone's favourite - Turquoise! We created beautiful pieces using Carico Lake, Sandhill and Golden Hills Turquoise.

I got to work on a bunch of statement pieces, which I always love getting to do! Labradorite, Dendritic Opal, and Tiger's Eye are a few of the none Turquoise stones we used in these statement pieces. 

And we can't forget the mini gems. In this batch you picked lots of Garnet, Carnelian, Iolite, Obsidian, Labradorite, Peridot, and Turquoise.

mini gems
We also did keychains and earrings!
Necklaces and pendants also had their moment ...
And of course so many rings. From brand new crescent moon cuts to eye catching portrait cut kites, the rings as always were my favourite pieces to make.
I still have a few more that I will show you after the payment plans are finished for them. Yes I offer payment plans! 
It was so fun to be able to make jewelry I don't usually devote time to like the necklaces and earrings. It was extra fun (and a little nerve racking) to be able to set stones you brought to me into pieces of jewelry you love. If you are interested in placing a custom order send me an email at autumnjadestudio@hotmail.com or contact me by direct message on social media.
Which custom piece from todays post is your favourite?
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All so beautiful!!
Awesome job!

Wendy Fersch

I love them all, congrats on surpassing your goal. Be proud of your work, it’s incredible.

Priscilla Lalonde

I love them all, congrats on surpassing your goal. Be proud of your work, it’s incredible.

Priscilla Lalonde

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