Being Grateful...

Hey guys! I wanted to post about something I feel is super important to incorporate into your life, especially when you're feeling down. That something is being grateful.

As I try to get back into my groove of daily gratitude and manifesting my best life, I want to share it with you! So come along on my journey and feel free to share your own. Today just to keep it simple, I am going to list 10 things that I am grateful for, and I encourage you to as well.

1. Clean Water

I don't think we take into consideration enough how lucky we are to  have clean water at our finger tips. We also have so many awesome fruits and veggies at our disposal to make water not so boring!

2. Fresh Flowers

Man, oh man, something I didn't realize I missed, but I really did is having fresh flowers in my home! I feel it grounds me, and helps add to a joyful, peaceful atmosphere. I am constantly redoing my arrangements and separating them into smaller arrangements as the different flowers start to wilt. Right now I have a green Hydrangea on my stove top and a bouquet of some pretty pink flowers that I forgot the name of on my table.

3. Being Able to Work From Home

I am ever grateful that having the store and website enable me to slow down and work from home for a few days of the week in the summer. I don't have internet at the store, so being at home gives me a chance to get posts like this up and update the website!


In addition to my own amazing pups, we got to visit a 8 week old playful as can be puppy the other day, reminding me how much fun it is to have a puppy, but also how nice it is to be out of the tiny puppy stage! 

5. Support

I have the most amazing supportive boyfriend ever. Always there to lift me up when I am down, and remind me that I have a lot to be excited and proud about. I find myself getting down about 'where I'm at' in life every year as my birthday approaches, and instead of celebrating everything I've accomplished in the past year I find myself stuck on what I didn't get to. 

6. The Opportunity

I am so grateful for the opportunities opening the store has opened up for me. I have met and connected with so many amazing souls along the way!

7. My Mom

Yes Mom you're at number 7, but I'm just listing as things come to my head. A perfect example of why I'm grateful for my mom is yesterday I ran out of stretchy string. Right out, do you know how many bracelets I need to get done?! Of course Mom came in to save the day and picked me up a bunch of stretchy cord today. Not to mention the support and love I receive from her. 

8. New Friendships

I think people often over look how important friendships are. One close friendship is worth so much more than people realize. I am grateful for the new friendships I have created in 2018.

9. Meditation

I am happy to be back to incorporating meditation into my weekly routine. I'm working my way to daily, but it's a start! I feel so much less anxious when I do!

10. The Eclipse

I am ready to release old thoughts and patterns, karmic issues, and renew! Thank you to Amanda Rose for sending me the weekly energy forecasts these last two weeks, they make me feel not so crazy!


There's my ten! Feel free to share yours. Watch out for some more posts as I take you on this journey with me.


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