Friend or Faux - Getting Started

Hey everyone! I've been noticing a heck of a lot of jewelry makers and stone sellers selling things that are not what they are advertised to be lately. So I thought I would hop on and give you a few of my tips and tricks for figuring out if you are getting scammed or not. Before we dive in though I would like to say, sometimes the smaller stores and makers may not realize that what they have is fake, but if you decided to sell stones or use them in jewelry it is your due diligence to educate yourself on what you are selling. Same as any other businesses have to do. For my buyers, the best protection from fakes is to educate yourself.


First things first, Google is our friend.

Google the name of the stone. If for example you are looking at a piece of Malachite a quick google search will tell you that you are looking for a green stone. Also be sure to look up what the fake version of that stone looks like (ex. fake or plastic Malachite). You can also google how to test of a stone is real, but you may end up having to buy said stone to test it. Also be sure to google the Mohs Hardness test if you don't remember it from science class!


The name of a stone is also important. 

Sometimes sellers will be selling a stone under a trademarked name, and not the scientific name. All this means is that the trademarked name is much more expensive. For example Healerite is a trademarked name for lime green Serpentine.


Research who you are buying from. 

Look on their website, etsy, facebook to see reviews. Be aware some people like myself may not have reviews available on their websites (I can't figure it out for the life of me, send help if you know!), but will have them readily available on their facebook. 



If you feel like something is off it probably is. Remember you can always do your research and then buy. If you have a person you really trust, or a rock and gem store, you can always ask if you are unsure. I am sure they would be happy to help you out!


Stay tune for our reboot of our crystal fakes series! I can't wait to share with you the things I've learned so far.



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