Love Stones 101

Let's talk about love baby, let's talk about you and me...

No really lets talk about love stones today, all of those pretty pink gems that we may not know much about. I've encountered lots of people who prefer to think of love stones as a magic crystal love potion, unfortunately I'm here to break your heart and tell you they are not. Love stones help us overcome personal issues that may be holding us back in finding love, they also like to help with love of all kinds!

First things first, lets talk about the beloved pink stone that everyone knows, Rose Quartz! This gem is the perfect example of a stone that likes to help with all kinds of love. Rose Quartz helps us by helping us love ourselves and accept our own flaws. How can anyone truly love you and your authentic self if you don't? Rose Quartz also helps instill a comforting, motherly love into the environment it is placed in. It is very much a nurturing stone that is great for everyone, especially kids!

Next up is Pink Tourmaline, this gem is really a gorgeous stone. It is said to help attract all kinds of love into your life by transforming negative energy or emotions into positivity and openness. This one can be a bit hard to find, but keep your eyes open they can be found for affordable prices if you know where and what you are looking for!

Pink and black Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, and emotional balance. It helps us clear out old emotional traumas and wounds to make room for new love and happiness to flow. It stimulates, clears and activated the heart chakra, encouraging self love and forgiveness. It is also excellent to use when you are having relationship stress. I think we could all use a piece of this one!

Rosy pink Rhodochrosite is one of my favourite stones when it comes to looks! This stunning stone has similar properties to Rhodonite, healing emotions and emotional trauma, and bringing in compassion. It also helps us love ourselves and other unconditionally, which for some can be tough to learn. Rhodochrosite reminds us that we are worth it, we are worthy of love, of being treated kindly and lovingly, but it also reminds us that we need to treat others that way as well.

Kunzite is a bit of a more expensive stone, I personally haven't gotten to work this stone yet, but I would really like to. It is said to be a stone that helps strengthen the heart, and attunes us to universal love, while counteracting aggression. Kunzite helps us understand other people and resolve conflicts. 

Of course there are many more crystals that fall under the love category in different ways, if you want to hear more about them let me know and I can cover it in another post!

Talk to you soon,


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