My Picks for Spring and Summer Part 1

Hey friends, I wanted to share some information about the stones I've chosen for the spring and summer bracelets! Lets just jump right in!

The stone I am most excited for is Blue Apatite, I not only love the appearance of this stone, but also the properties. Apatite stimulates the pineal gland, which the philosopher Descartes called the seat of the soul. William Blake said that when your pineal gland you experience the world in a grain of sand and eternity in an hour. The pineal gland secretes DMT, also known as the spirit molecule. Blue Apatite is a stone of inspiration and that is a huge reason why I chose it. Staying inspired can help us thrive in whatever we are tackling. Blue Apatite is an excellent stone for helping us achieve our personal goals, it helps clear away confusion and negativity and stimulate truth and thought. It is a stone of manifestion, especially when trying to manifest something for the collective good.


Soft blue Angelite is up next. Angelite brings a sense of calm comfort when it's used or worn. It reminds us that we are not alone and it's completely okay to ask for help. Working with this stone helps us to understand, forgive, and heal. Who doesn't need more peace and tranquility in their life?


Next up, Moss Agate! A gorgeous green stone with a strong connection to nature, Moss Agate was an obvious choice for me. Spring brings with it growth and a return of green and warmth. Moss Agate helps us release old habits and fears, while inspiring new growth. Using this stone can help us be in and enjoy the present moment. Moss Agate can also be used to call in abundance.


Prehnite is a gorgeous green stone with black inclusions that is all about healing. Healing the healer specifically. You know those people who give, give and give some more? This one is for them. Prehnite lets you know that you need to release ego, and stop going against the natural flow. Let your intuition guide you instead of arguing with it. Prehnite stabilizes the energies in your body to bring peace and stability. It is also helpful for decluttering. There's a bit of a pattern you will find with this stone, decluttering and clearing things out is necessary so that you can make room for new and better things to flow in. Sometimes the things we hold onto can hold us back, but this stone is here to remind you to let it go.


Lavender Amethyst, okay how could I leave Amethyst out of a spring collection? I couldn't! This pretty gem is just a bit lighter than our regular Amethyst. This colour reminds me of gorgeous spring blossoms and the gorgeous cotton candy blue, pink and purple sky's I used to see in Manning.


Yellow Calcite, a stone of joy and happiness, was an obvious choice for me. I knew as soon as I saw it I needed to bring it into this collection. It was unplanned, but the perfect addition, I personally struggle with the switch between winter and spring. The gloomy spring days don't help, but that's where this sunny stone steps in. If you've looked at the shop, you'll know what this one looks like! I got a little excited and made them available IMMEDIATELY.


White Moonstone - okay, okay, okay. If you follow along on my Instagram stories you know I was really on the fence about keeping moonstone in the soring summer collection, but I caved and fell in love with these white, pearly, moonstone beads that I HAD to have them! Moonstone is a stone that helps us call in our divine feminine, and really connect with ourselves. I might do a little something with some more peach moonstone..... maybe..


And that is all for the first part! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my rock ramblings, this collection will be available April 12!

- Siobhan





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