Protection with Crystals

The other day I found myself scrolling through random podcasts listening to whatever alternative healing ones I could find. I can honestly say that was the first time I've ever even looked at podcasts, but it certainly won't be the last, what a useful tool!

I stumbled across the Love and Light Crystal Healing podcast about Protection Crystals, I'll link it below. In this podcast they talked about using clearing stones as protection stones, and I thought why haven't I thought of this?! When they were speaking about it, it suddenly clicked. We can use purifying/white light/clearing stone like Selenite to help clear energy, instead of using protection stones to 'shield'. 

Think of it as clearing our energy field, putting it back to a neutral state. Now this is something we should do regularly, and not just for protection, but to help us relax. An easy way is meditation, or something as simple as having a crystal bath.


link to the Love and Light Podcasts:



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