Synthetic Opals

You guys, lets talk synthetics, synthetic opals that is! There are many more lab made opals on the market than natural, both have their ups, and both have their downs.

First things first, what is a synthetic opal? Synthetic opals are made-man opals. Once chemists figured out the structure and composition of this gorgeous gem, they started re-creating it in 1974. Since then there have been A LOT of different types of synthetic opals pop up. One of the newer synthetic opals is called Monarch Opal, while it is gorgeous don't let it fool you, it is not a new kind of natural opal.

Here are a few of the pluses about synthetic opals:

- they are usually cheaper than natural opals

- there are many available

and now some of the negatives:

-no metaphysical properties. this gem is created in a lab not in nature.

- lots of sellers are not truthful about a synthetic opal being a synthetic opal

- they can be softer than natural opals

All in all synthetic opals are perfectly okay for use in jewelry, when the makers and sellers are being 100% honest. There is nothing wrong with buying or wearing synthetic opals, unless you thought they were natural opals. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to well, everything! Make sure to educate yourself on synthetic and natural opals and you will easily be able to spot a fake. Your higher priced natural opals should also come with a certificate of authenticity, be sure to ask for one as I didn't know this and have missed out on getting certificated before.

I hope you all enjoyed this quick little info post!



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