Using Your Space as a Tool

Hey guys, I hope you are all well! Recently I've really been thinking about little changes we can make to help us feel better. I think we've all noticed how keeping a tidy, organized space is really calming, and helpful to not only our mood, but our productivity. Our homes are usually a mirror of ourselves, and things that are going on in our lives. If we can learn to take a spiritual inventory of our space, and also upkeep it, there is no reason that our homes (and work places for those of you that have that option) can be not only a sanctuary but a tool for our personal healing. So here's some tips on how we can start transforming our spaces.

First things first, take inventory.

Do some self-reflection and think about how you feel and why in different parts of your space. How much time do you spend in each area, why are you spending time there? Think about how that space makes you feel. Do you have areas of your space that you are always avoiding? Write it all down if you'd like or file it away in your head for later.

Observe your space. What could you change to make yourself more comfortable? Do you love smelling different scents? Look into the benefits of different scents - like essential oils and paraben/phthalate free fragrances. Some of my favourite scents to have in my home are the Be Calm Blend and Vanilla essential oil from Misty Meadows Soap ( <- Be Calm Blend), and basically every candle from Temper and Lace. My current favourites are Cabo Sunset and Lavender + Clary Sage. (

Now it's time to create a plan. Decide what you want to do to the space. Do you want to add plants? Play with scent? Clear out some furniture? Decide what needs to change in each space. Clean up, and simplify your space.

Okay so we've cleaned up, added physical things, and cleared out things that no longer spark joy. Now let's focus on the energy of your space. You can use sound bowls, smudges, crystals and many more things for this. Smudge your space with sage or palo santo to clear, smudge with cedarwood to ground, and sweetgrass to call in positivity. Choose some crystals for your space, research which stones can compliment or enhance the energy you'd like to achieve.

For example:

Rose Quartz - bringing loving, nurturing energy into the home.

Orange/Yellow Calcite - for joy and happiness.

Selenite - cleanse, balance, and call in positivity.

Howlite - calming


Create a space that uplifts you instead of draining you. I like to add plants to bring some nature into my home, crystals like rose quartz, selenite, and black tourmaline a lot to create a calming, cozy atmosphere. If you're feeling overwhelmed start with your entry way, it's the first part of your space you see.

Be sure to share changes you made with me on instagram by tagging @autumnjadestudio! I can't wait to see how you change the energy of your spaces.



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