What's the hype with Hematite?

You may have seen this metallic gem before, possibly even in a museum gift shop! Hematite can often be found in nik nak stores, and gift shops in it's real form, and also as magnetic Hematite. So what's the hype with Hematite?

This gem is often touted for its negativity shielding, and grounding properties. Lately I've been seeing people look for magnetic Hematite as it is said to increase circulation. I don't know about you, but as a kid I was obsessed with the hematite magnets that you could throw in the air and they'd find each other with a zing! I hate to break it to you all, but this stuff unfortunately isn't real Hematite. It's fun, but not Hematite. When Hematite undergoes the colour change, or magnetization process it actually changes the make up of the stone. Be aware and always remember to do your research when stone and gem shopping. It's up to you to decide if you should attribute the properties of regular Hematite to magnetic Hematite, but I personally do not.

Okay, enough about the magnetic stuff, lets talk about the real deal. Hematite can grow in this absolutely spectacular formation called Botryoidal Hematite. This formation consists of a unique 'bubble' pattern.

This raw formation is my personal favourite, just because I love to look at it. Hematite is a pretty common stone so it shouldn't be too expensive, unless you are looking at a high quality specimen. Tumbled stones should be quite affordable at around $1-$4 dependant on size. A neat little fact is that NASA has discovered that Hematite is one of the most abundant minerals in the rocks and soil on Mars, that's what gives the landscape its reddish brown colour. Hematite has many uses these days, such as jewelers rouge, beads and cabochons for jewelry, and radiation shielding equipment. Metaphysically it can be used for grounding, focus, and dispelling negativity. It is excellent for sensitive souls, studying students, and those of us who need a little dose of reality, but in a good way!


Do you love Hematite yet or what! I hope you guys have a great end of your week.


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