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Autumn Jade Studio

Garnet Ring // Size 8

Garnet Ring // Size 8

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Crafted to highlight the stones fiery beauty, this exquisite creation combines the vibrancy of garnet with the simplicity of sterling silver.

The garnet, with its rich crimson hue, exudes an energy that commands attention. Its rose cut facets create a mesmerizing play of light, reflecting the inner fire that burns within this magnificent gemstone.

The stone is embraced by a smooth sterling silver bezel, cradling the gemstone while allowing its brilliance to shine. This setting ensures the garnet is securely held in place, while accentuating its captivating color and shape.

A single hammered band made of sterling silver in a size 8, adds a touch of organic beauty, reminiscent of the rugged yet captivating forces of nature.

What you need to know:

Size: 8

Stone: Garnet

Material: Sterling Silver

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