Lenna No.5 // Opal Studs
Lenna No.5 // Opal Studs

Lenna No.5 // Opal Studs

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Our ever popular Lenna ring now has matching studs! These are the perfect everyday earrings that are super easy to dress up. Welo Opals will always be a classic. 

Stone Size: 5mm

Metal: Sterling Silver

Birthstone: October

About the gem:

Welo Opals are found in the Wollo province in Ethiopia. These opals are hydrophane opal, which describes the opals ability to absorb water and change from opaque or semi translucent, to translucent or even transparent.

This makes them an excellent stone for anyone wanting to connect with the element of water. Opals promote a sense of calm, and emotional support. They have been used as a symbol of love, desire and passion for years as well as traditional gifts for mothers, and moms to be.