21 Things 2021 Taught Me

21 Things 2021 Taught Me

2021 has taught me some major lessons, and reiterated many old ones that I should really know by heart by now. Here are 21 things 2021 taught me.

  1. Being busy is not glamorous
  2. Only say yes when it feels right
  3. Setting boundaries is self care
  4. Let go of perfection
  5. Authenticity is key
  6. A partner who supports and encourages your dreams and healing is priceless
  7. Embracing change openheartedly is hard but necessary
  8. Heavy emotions won’t last forever
  9. Don’t take the small moments for granted
  10. It will happen as long as you are patient and kind
  11. Morning moments have a special kind of magic
  12. Resting does not mean you are being lazy ( this one has been hard for me )
  13. Speak your appreciation, show it out loud, do not assume it is seen or heard 
  14. Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving
  15. Sunsets and the night sky can easily wipe away all my worries for the moment
  16. Be present and don’t get too far ahead of yourself
  17. Saying no is not mean, and you shouldn’t feel bad for it 
  18. Celebrate the little victories 
  19. The little victories lead up to the big ones
  20. Know your worth and don’t discount it
  21. You are enough

 I would love to hear what 2021 has taught you!

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