My Story

My journey began when I was 15, and I had a family friend gift me some crystals. I had always collected rocks, but these were different, these pieces were carved and polished, not just rocks found in a gravel pit, or down by the river. I always dreamed about having my own business, I just didn't know what I wanted to do. I don't remember how it got into my head, but I decided to make these crystals I was gifted into jewelry, and from there it grew.

I started with wire-wrapping, and then I bought my first metal smithing equipment in 2014, and taught myself the basics. With lots of scrapped pieces and practice, here we are today! Every piece is made in my home studio with love. 

I hope you find something you love,

Siobhan Kennedy

Autumn Jade Studio 




Instagram: @autumnjadestudio