A Gift Guide for the Creative

A Gift Guide for the Creative

Inspired, empowered, and supported – that is how you will feel when you purchase and wear an intentional piece of jewelry from Autumn Jade Studio.

This year I have taken the time to compile some of the best gift ideas for those with a creative soul and a mind that likes to think outside of the box!

Below you will find stone recommendations to create custom jewelry pieces that represent prosperity, abundance, and of course – creativity, as well as perfectly paired candle scents to enhance your space and inspire your big ideas.



If you are seeking change and transformation in your life, Charoite is the stone for you. Known for syncing the heart and crow chakras, it helps its wearer to overcome fear and puts your thoughts into perspective.

This vibrant, purple stone stimulates spiritual insights, allows us to see past our own challenges, and is ideal when you’re working on creating a vision of your future.

If you’re ready for a little magic to enter your life, then you are ready to use Charoite.


Moss Agate

Stable, refreshing, and balanced, Moss Agate not only attracts abundance, wealth, and growth, but it also promotes a greater connection to nature.

Encouraging you to chase your goals, Moss Agate is known for improving self esteem and releasing your ego.

If you need to release fear, stress, and balance your intellect and emotions, then this gorgeous green stone is for you.



Balancing the masculine and feminine energies, Chrysoprase aids in healing deep grief and any attachments to the past.

This stone promotes hope, draws out talents, gives personal insights and is excellent at stimulating creativity.

Wearing this apple green stone will help you to be more open to new situations and can ease you into healing your inner child and releasing any childhood emotions or trauma.




For those looking for other ways to spark creativity and enhance innovation, burning one of the 100% soy wax, hand poured candles below can set the mood, mindset, and offer motivation for a successful creative session.


Java – Espresso Bean, Cream, and Vanilla

Tucked away from bustling streets, lies a quaint café. Within its walls, a world of comfort awaits, and the inspiration for the Java candle comes alive.

Carefully ground espresso beans release the essence of rich and robust coffee. This tantalizing aroma weaves through the air, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey.

The sweet scent of cream creates a cozy embrace, evoking images of foaming latte art and the feelings of pure comfort.

Mingled with the aroma of vanilla, this scent acts as the cherry on top as it harmonizes with the coffee and cream, creating a fragrance that envelops the senses like a warm hug.


Matcha – Green Tea, Woods, and Patchouli

Picture a place where time slows down, and the art of matcha preparation becomes a ritual of tranquility. Here lies the inspiration for the Matcha candle.

As this candle flickers to life, it casts a soft, inviting glow. With each breath, you will embark on a journey of relaxation and renewal as its scent slowly surrounds you.

It begins with earthy notes of green tea leaves, then it is infused with the spirit of the forest – from whispering pines to sturdy oaks. Shortly after, the aroma of patchouli gently emerges.

This scent weaves a tale of serene retreat, a place where time stands still, and where the soul finds respite.


Nomad – Cactus Blossom, Sandalwood, and Amber

Imagine a candle that exudes the enchanting essence of the desert at dusk.

The scent of cactus blossom dances in the air, offering a subtle floral note that's both delicate and invigorating. Intertwined within this, the warm and earthy aroma of sandalwood envelopes your senses, bringing a sense of tranquility and grounding.

As the candle's flame flickers, it releases the rich and soothing scent of amber, creating a comforting ambiance that invites you to relax and unwind.

Together, these three scent notes blend harmoniously, creating a candle that embodies the captivating spirit of the desert and provides a calming, yet uplifting experience.

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