A Little Less Hustle, A Lot More Heart

A Little Less Hustle, A Lot More Heart

There’s some major changes coming in 2022, not just to the business, but for me personally. The last two years of feast or feminine mentality really made me lose perspective on why I started my own business. Taking a break from jewelry and then deciding to completely re-create my jewelry line has really made me take a step back and re evaluate everything. There was a few months where jewelry was not overly talked about in my household because I couldn’t even look at my tools, let alone set up my work table and actually create. I lost sight of why I began my business in the first place. 


I sell things that I love, and that I love to make. Things I am passionate about and really stand behind. So when I burn out or lose passion/focus I tend to just stop. Halting production completely. I am so very lucky y’all love my candles enough that it kept me going through this hurdle and that I had time to process my thoughts about everything. It was only the beginning of November that I decided to get back to jewelry. For about 4 months I was leaning towards quitting all together. 


But then I revisited why I started; Why I love it; Why I enjoyed doing it. 


I was reminded of how well jewelry can tell a story, how it can be a treasured keepsake from a specific memory, or loved one who has passed. How it can have so many different meanings to the wearer. I was reminded why people buy, love and cherish jewelry, and why I love to make it. More specifically, what I love to make. 


Okay okay, then how did I get here? How did I get to the point of wanting to quit it all. The short answer is that I took on too much and lost focus. When I first started I always promised myself I wouldn’t take on just any project, it had to be something that I connected with. I ignore all of that the last two years, and instead of devoting my time to things I loved, that helped my creativity grow and flourish, I took every project that came my way. 


That is something I am not willing to do for 2022. I, of course, will still be doing custom work, just not as much. I have a few collections that I am very excited about coming out in the early new year, and I really hope you find a connection with the pieces in them, because I absolutely adore all of the pieces! So as I navigate 2022 with you, I hope we all bring the lessons we learnt in the last year with us. Let’s enter the new year with a little less hustle, and a lot more heart.


See you in the new year!



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