Dreaming of Spring

Dreaming of Spring

As I stare out my office window, at a dreary snowy day, I can't help but dream of spring. Trees budding, and little bits of green popping through the previously undisturbed ground that has laid dormant all winter. In my office I am burning fresh spring scented candles, bringing in tulip bunches and pulling pastel toned stones; trying to coax spring to show up a bit early.

I am starting garden/yard project plans, hoping all my flowers I planted last fall have survived the winter. The anticipation is killing me. For now I sit with a latte in hand, staring out the window; day dreaming of warmer days, pink skies, green grass and flowers. Quite a bit of my work is inspired by the seasons, sometimes without notice. And as I try to get better at sharing my process with you, I can't ignore that most times I just go where inspiration flows - and for the past few months that has been the skies with a touch of pink, still filled with steely blues and greys, letting us know that winter has not yet given up; a landscape that one day is filled with snow, the next almost melted, followed by another dump of snow.


As blue skies and sunshine start to show themselves more often, and the light sticks around later and later each day, I can't help but get excited for spring. I am always ready to welcome winter, and by the end always ready for it to go. I have been spending days shut in my studio working on my precision with sawing silver in hopes that I can elevate my designs by including elements from my environment. From the majestic mammals, to the canadian geese who seem to carry spring in and fall out; buds on tree branches, and blooming flowers, there's a lot of design elements I hope to add in upcoming updates to the Life in Bloom Collection. The next update ties in perfectly to what I am feeling - Spring.

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