The Tale of Folklore

The Tale of Folklore

Deep within the heart of a forgotten forest, where ancient trees whisper secrets and the moon bathes the world in a silvery light, lies a place where stories of old come alive.

This is where you will find Folklore. 

Inspired by the boundless wonders of books and the enigmatic world of mythology, an alchemist gathers precious ingredients with reverence.

Tonka Bean, an elusive treasure that lulls the senses with it's warm and seductive charm. Like an ancient spell it weaves its enchantment, inviting you to embark on a journey through the pages of time.

Jasmine, an ethereal bloom that hold secrets of love and romance. It's aroma mingles with the tonka bean, conjuring up images of moonlit trysts and star crossed destinies.

The heart of Folklore, though, lies in the earthy embrace of Patchouli. A scent that speaks of mystique and untamed wildness. Like a book filled with untold legends, it's scent awakens the spirit, beckoning you to explore.

Lastly, the alchemist adds vanilla. Like a sprinkle of stardust that brings a comforting warmth to end the tale. It wraps the entire fragrance up in a cocoon of nostalgia, as if you've always known this scent.

As the wick ignites, a soft glow fills the room. It is not just a candle; it is an invitation to step into a world where mythical creatures roam, ancient gods whisper in the wind, and heroes rise from the embers.

That is the magic of Folklore.

Folklore is a symphony of fragrance, a tapestry of tales, and a tribute to the boundless wonders of storytelling. It is the embodiment of myths that linger in the collective consciousness, ready to spark the imagination of dreamers.

Unlock the ancient magic of Folklore.

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